Amy is the niece of jazz vibraphonist & pianist Mike Mainieri (Steps Ahead) and singer-songwriter Dee Carstensen. She is a graduate of the jazz program at New England Conservatory of Music, where she was featured as a big band soloist and a solo singer with the Dave Holland Quintet during his residency there.  She is a singer/songwriter, a classically-trained and jazz-trained pianist, classical flautist, and ukulele player whose songwriting combines elements of folk, jazz, rock, pop, and classical music.

After graduating NEC in 2010 she formed the folk duo Quiet City with Erik Anders Sorensen, a guitarist from the Berklee School of Music (and lead guitarist of the progressive metal band Autocatalytica) and the two continued playing and recording together in Frederick, MD where they resided together as a couple and as musical partners.  In 2014 they moved to Brooklyn but Erik suddenly passed away in the fall of 2015 due to cardiac sarcoidosis.  Since this loss Amy has been writing new music, reworking old music co-written with Erik, and collaborating with many other musicians in a multitude of genres and styles. (See 'Collaborations' under 'Music')

She recently joined the band Behaviorist, an experimental pop/rock baritone sax led band created by Stephen Chen (of San Fermin) as a keyboardist/singer.   She actively performs with them in the NYC area.

In 2018 she released her first solo EP titled Before You, featuring Edwin Carstensen (guitar), Will Purcell (bass), and Emmett Ceglia (drums).